Over 25 and looking to make a difference with your holiday this year?

Action for the Wild are delighted to offer a special two week internship placement on Umphafa Private Nature Reserve in South Africa. 

This is a chance for anyone from any walk of life to gain creditable skills in fieldwork and conservation through unique, hands on opportunities. This will be so much more than the typical safari experience and, as an assistant to UmPhafa’s management, participants will have a fun, interesting, exciting and, overall, valuable time by playing a crucial role in the operation of the reserve by helping to collect vital flora and fauna data necessary to make key management decisions and assisting with reserve management activities.

This limited program is open to anyone over the age of 25, including graduates, those in employment and in retirement.

denise and mary

Dates: 15th-29th November 2017

Price: £700*

Availability: 14 places


*Excludes flights and other additional costs.