penguins2The Inca Trail is one of two places you can see our Humboldt penguins and has seen some fantastic improvements with brand new designs and educational information, a new penguin beach for encounters to take place and easy access ramp to our main viewing area with all new glass walls so you can feel closer to our feathery friends than ever before!

The viewing platform has also been extended to take you out over the enclosure, which now has a lagoon like feel with palm trees and a covered canopy area.

The penguins also seem pleased to be back in their revamped enclosure, they can be seen enjoying a swim in their clear pool and have also begun to explore the new sandy area - all be it with their keepers as they get used to sand which is a new experience for them!

The introduction of planting will also be useful for the group with the bamboo and leaves providing the perfect nesting material for them during breeding season.

If you are interested in adopting any of our penguins please click here, or to book an experience with our second group of penguins at Penguin Shores please click here.