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Meet our meerkat pups!

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baby-meerkatOur Meerkat mob has grown again! Pippa and Robbie our breeding pair have successfully bred once again and Pippa gave birth to a litter of 3 healthy pups on the 11th July 2014

Pippa is a very experienced mum but she is getting lots of help from the rest of the group who are more than happy to baby sit this tiny trio! At nearly month old these pups have now opened their eyes and are beginning to explore the world around them whilst still relying on mum and the group to keep them safe.

Meerkats in the wild will often confront predators by grouping together, arching their bodies and bristling their fur to make themselves look like one large animal to scare and confuse predators.

Our Meerkats are fed fish, raw eggs, fruit and vegetables and they especially enjoy apple.  These items are scattered around the cage and hidden in crevices or under stones so the Meerkats have to search for them to encourage their natural foraging behaviour.

These pups can be seen at ‘Suricata Sands’ as mum begins to bring them outside on a daily basis. 

Check out the latest video of these curious pups as they get up close with our camera! 


Meerkats are listed as ‘Least Concern’ as the species is relatively widespread within southern Africa, and there are no major threats. The breeding success at Colchester Zoo is also a great sign that the survival of this species is secure.

Find out how you could adopt one of our Meerkats here.


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