On the morning of the 2nd December 2018 we welcomed 3 adorable bush dog pups!

Since their arrival mum Nina and dad Nico have been very attentive and keepers have also been keeping a close eye on this growing family. The pups were recently given their vaccinations and it was also confirmed that all 3 are male!

Their keepers decided to give all 3 pups names which begin with the letter ā€˜Pā€™ continuing the on in the alphabet from the names of their parents Nina and Nico and older siblings Oakley, Ozara and Octavia. After receiving hundreds of suggestions from our visitors the pups have since been named Pablo, Pip and Pelle.

As they continue to grow healthy and strong the trio have been busy exploring their outdoor area with the rest of the family and are being shown the ropes by older siblings!

Bush dogs are a rare and unusual canid, with short legs, a bushy tail, a rounded muzzle and webbed feet! The birth of the pups is extremely important to not only Colchester Zoo but also to this species which is currently classified as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List. 

bush dog update