Born on the 26th November these young goats have been hand reared by keepers after being rejected by their mother. As they continue to grow they are gradually being mixed with the rest of the sheep and goats at Colenso Village, spending some of their days outside.

The kids are both male and have been named Patch and Dill by the keepers caring for them. The pair continues to do well, growing stronger each day. They are still bottle fed but no longer require night feeds and as they continue to become more independent they will move onto solid foods full time.

Both Patch and Dill are extremely playful and have been busy exploring their new home.  Once they are a little bit older they will join the herd full time including mum Sierra.

Check out this video of our adorable kids just a few weeks after they were born as they explore the sensation station and take a trip outside!

NB Please note our two young goats are currently not on show at all times. 

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