Chimpanzee lookout sign

Our chimp family tree has grown and grown and now their home has too as the redevelopment of 'Chimpanzee Lookout' is complete! 

The redevelopment has taken place over a number of months
and not only has it given the chimps an exciting new environment to enjoy it will also enhance our visitor’s experience!

Take a look around with our video filmed just before completion: 

The Build

The 2 million pound development has allowed us to expand the chimps outside area giving amazing new heights for the apes to reach – perfect for semi-arboreal chimps!

Work is now complete on the new outdoor area with a good combination of vertical and floor space. We have also added in a high number of ropes, platforms and swing structures which surround the large towers. All of which have been designed to stimulate a range of natural behaviours including play which is particularly important for the younger chimps in the group.

There are also two drumming panels which the chimps can kick and pound in a similar way to how they would with buttress roots on trees in rainforests in the wild.

We also have created an interactive training area which will enhance the important husbandry work which the keepers do with the chimps and there is a clear view for visitors to also witness this interaction. 

Chimpanzee lookout grass

Whilst the main focus of the project is the chimps outdoor area the build has already seen some see extensive improvements to other areas. This includes updates to our chimps off show sleeping quarters and a new roof which makes the whole indoor area much brighter. The building also has sustainability in mind, with a biomass burner already fitted to power the building, rainwater collection facilities and a green wall.

The introduction of new toilet facilities for visitors has also been completed  which includes a state of the art nursing facility for parents. 

croc new outside

As well as improvements to the home of our chimps the redevelopment has also seen a fantastic extension of our slender snouted crocodile’s enclosure which is now complete! Their new home is much more spacious and light, offering a larger pool, water fall, sandy land areas as well as a heated outdoor area and a new off show section! 

Check out Chimpanzee Lookout on your next visit and see if you can spot our chimps outside enjoying their new area! 

Find out more about chimp family here.  

Give us a helping hand

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With a donation of £50 you can help our charity, Action for the Wild support our projects currently taking place within the zoo and across the world, all working hard to help animal conservation. 

By making this donation we would like to highlight your dedication and support to all our visitors by displaying a chimp hand print within the revamped enclosure. This will be on display for many years to come and if you wish, you can provide us with a special message of up to 50 characters to go on your hand print...

Make your donation today by clicking here and help conservation projects worldwide.


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