Our Chimps


We have 7 chimpanzees here at Colchester Zoo; 3 males and 4 females. Pippin is the adult male who was born at Twycross Zoo in March 1986 and has been here since January 1992. Tara is our oldest female and was born in October 1985, and Kora her sister, was born in November 1999.

Tara is the mother of Tekita. Tekita, is a female born here at Colchester in February 1996.  Tombe is male who was also born here in August 1996.  Our chocolate chimp is Tumba, who was born in 2004 to Tekita and Pippin, making Tara a proud grandmother!

Tekita gave birth once again on 14th March 2009 to a black chimp, (not a chocolate one like her older brother Tumba). The baby was sexed as a female so keepers decided to call her Talia.