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Tiny lorikeet chicks hatch out for summer!

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Lorikeet chick circleOver the past few weeks Colchester Zoo’s successful breeding group of rainbow lorikeets have welcomed a number of tiny lorikeet chicks! All are currently being reared by their parents in their home at ‘Australian Rainbows’. It is hoped that once the birds have grown in strength and size they can be mixed with the rest of the group and learn the final stages of adult life!

Unlike their colourful parents, the young chicks start life with fluffy grey feathers but over the coming weeks and months these will gradually turn and gain the bright colours these birds are known for!

At 25-30cm in length this species of parrot are medium in size with juveniles and adults looking very alike but with duller plumage.  Lorikeets are extremely noisy birds, communicating with loud squawks in a constant chatter as you may have heard in our own walkthrough aviary.

Stop by Australian Rainbows on your next visit and hand feed some of the lorikeets a pot of nectar - their favourite treat!*

Did you know?! Lorikeets have zygodactyl feet! This means 2 toes face forward and 2 face backward! This is useful for balancing and holding food items!

*Nectar is available to purchase for £1per pot


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