There's always a new story to tell at Colchester Zoo, from welcoming new arrivals, to exciting things to see and discover.

in Action for the Wild & UmPhafa
Villagers in Western and Southern Thailand have learned there is a better way to earn money than poaching endangered hornbill chicks from nests to sell at markets – and that's to put their efforts into hornbill conservation instead. The Hornbill Research...

in Action for the Wild & UmPhafa
Winter it seems is almost coming to an end here in the beautiful province of Kwa Zulu Natal. We have had frosty mornings and cool clear star filled nights. Hats, Beanies and warm coats are always essentials for early mornings and...

in Action for the Wild & UmPhafa
Otter populations are in sharp decline in Asia, due to loss of their food sources and wetland habitats, the pet trade and hunting for their fur. But Fishing villages in Bangladesh – which have a long tradition of using smooth-coated otters...

in Action for the Wild & UmPhafa
We had been waiting for this for day for what seemed like an eternity. Many months of hard work had finally paid off. They were here! On the 4th of July as the sun was setting over the reserve 7 female...

in Action for the Wild & UmPhafa
A sanctuary in Cambodia has recently seen a deluge of sun bear cubs rescued from the North Eastern provinces. Thousands of hectares of tropical forest – home to many endangered species driven to extinction in other areas – have been destroyed...


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